Maintain hygiene standards with products from AES Food Equipment. We stock a range of hygiene equipment for food factories including: personal hygiene equipment, washdown equipment, industrial washing systems including tray washers and utensil washers. We work with the worlds leading brands including Elpress, Jeros and Unitech.

Our range is detailed below, we also offer advice on design of your changing rooms, employee hygiene areas or washdown systems.

Food Factory Hygiene Equipment from AES Food Equipment

At AES Food Equipment, we understand the critical importance of hygiene in the food manufacturing industry. Our comprehensive range of food factory hygiene systems is specifically designed to meet and exceed the stringent hygiene standards required in food production environments. We offer a variety of solutions tailored to enhance cleanliness and ensure compliance with health regulations. Explore our main categories:

Personal Hygiene Equipment

Ensuring the personal hygiene of your staff is paramount in maintaining a sanitary food production environment. Our selection of personal hygiene equipment includes hand washing sinks, chemical dispensers, and boot washes and sole cleaning machines. These products are essential for preventing contamination and safeguarding the quality of your food products.

Washdown Equipment

Our washdown equipment is designed for efficient and thorough cleaning of your production areas and equipment. Featuring high-pressure washers, hose reels, and spray nozzles, this range is perfect for removing dirt, grime, and residues from surfaces and machinery, ensuring a pristine environment for food processing.

Industrial Washing Systems

Our industrial washing systems are the cornerstone of equipment hygiene in food factories. We offer an array of systems including tray washers and utensil washers, designed for deep cleaning and sanitising. These systems are efficient, reducing water and energy consumption while ensuring that your trays, utensils, and other equipment meet the highest hygiene standards. We can also supply; bin washers, pallet washers and forklift wheel cleaners.


At AES Food Equipment, our commitment to quality and hygiene helps you maintain the highest standards in food production. Explore our range of food factory hygiene systems and ensure your operations are safe, compliant, and efficient.