Our Story

At AES Food Equipment, formerly known as Abattoir Equipment Supplies, we bring a rich tradition of serving the food industry, particularly specialising in the meat industry. As a family-run business, our primary focus is; Trust, Quality, and Value. This means we are the go-to choice for many abattoirs, butchers and food factories.

AES - Our Origins

The foundations of AES were laid by Cliff Savage, a seasoned industry veteran with over four decades of experience. Known for his knack for introducing cutting-edge products to the market, Cliff’s enduring spirit of innovation has been the compass guiding AES since its inception. As a leader, Cliff’s legacy in AES continues to inspire us every day.

AES – Now

Today at AES Food Equipment, we uphold the founding principles of Trust, Quality, and Value. Under the leadership of Kyle Savage, since 2013, our company has rapidly expanded its reach, becoming a trusted supplier within the meat industry to now across the wider food industry.

Being a family-run business, we place immense importance on building a strong reputation and offering personalised service. At the heart of AES Food Equipment, it’s not about selling the most expensive equipment or maximising profit margins. Instead, our philosophy revolves around ‘finding the right product for our customers.’

We are meticulous in choosing manufacturers to partner with. We predominantly collaborate with family-run firms, including larger suppliers, because they resonate with our ethos and are deeply invested in the quality of their products.

Our dedicated team are always on hand for those to offer a more personalised approach. We ensure that each equipment or product aligns perfectly with the unique needs of our clients. For larger equipment or projects we personally involved ourselves, demonstrating our commitment to customer satisfaction and bespoke service.

At AES Food Equipment, we are not just selling equipment; we are building relationships, one generation at a time.

AES – Benefits

Our primary strength lies in our flexibility to accommodate diverse customer needs. From offering a range of new and used products tailored to fit any budget, we provide a valuable service to our clients.


AES Food Equipment is proud to be an exclusive and preferred partner of leading food factory machinery and consumable suppliers. This unique status enables us to deliver cutting-edge technology and superior products, boosting the efficiency of our clients’ operations. Our strong alliances with these industry leaders exemplify their trust in us and allow us to offer diverse, innovative solutions. Our robust partnerships ensure we maintain a comprehensive inventory of high-quality products, enabling prompt delivery, even on tight schedules. From advanced machinery to premium consumables, our partnerships equip us to meet your needs with the industry’s finest offerings.


At AES Food Equipment, precision planning is our cornerstone. Our process begins with detailed consultations, enabling us to understand your project requirements, operational specifics, and strategic goals. These discussions translate into comprehensive project plans, ensuring accuracy and clarity from the beginning, thereby preventing surprises or last-minute changes. Our team uses their expertise to suggest innovative solutions, identify potential challenges, and ensure that the final blueprint is both efficient and robust. This meticulous planning ensures smooth and on-time project execution. With AES, you’re not just acquiring superior equipment and services, but forming a partnership committed to turning your vision into reality.


AES Food Equipment is not just about delivering quality products and services; we’re about fostering enduring relationships. To us, every client engagement doesn’t end with project completion, but extends to ongoing support that ensures your operations run seamlessly. Our dedicated customer support team is available round-the-clock, ready to assist with any queries, concerns, or issues you may encounter. From technical troubleshooting to guidance on best practices, we provide timely and efficient solutions to keep your operations smooth and uninterrupted. We are constantly striving to exceed your expectations, providing you not just with the tools for success, but also the assurance that we’re with you every step of the way.

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