With a focus on the food factory industry, we offer a comprehensive range of services including equipment supply, installation, and ongoing support. Our tailored solutions are designed to optimize your food factory operations.


Our expert team offers customised design and consult services for your food factory, ensuring efficient and optimized solutions for your specific needs. From concept to implementation, we collaborate closely with you to streamline processes, enhance productivity, and transform your ideas into reality. Trust us to deliver exceptional results.


Our specialized design services cater to abattoirs and butcheries, delivering comprehensive solutions for efficient workflow, hygiene, and operational excellence. Trust us to create functional and compliant designs tailored to your specific needs.

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AES offers modular and mobile slaughterhouses and cutting rooms for small to medium projects. Our installations can be conveniently set up on trailers or modular units, providing compact and complete solutions that comply with current sanitary regulations and security standards. By choosing our turnkey structures, you can meet your project requirements without the challenges associated with traditional construction. Experience hassle-free implementation with our ready-to-use solutions.

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Through our strategic partnerships with leading suppliers like Elpress, we offer exceptional hygiene and washroom design solutions. Our expertise ensures compliance with sanitation standards, efficient workflow, and user-friendly facilities. Trust us to create hygienic spaces in collaboration with top industry suppliers.

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With our extensive network of engineers specialising in the meat industry, we provide nationwide coverage in the UK. Whether it’s a single machine or a complete slaughter line, our dedicated team ensures maximum production uptime through quality servicing intervals. Additionally, we offer service plans with new machinery purchases to further optimise performance and reliability.


Our expert team provides exceptional repair services for all types of machinery. With meticulous diagnostics and efficient repairs, we ensure minimal downtime and optimal performance of your equipment. Trust us for reliable and proficient machinery repair solutions.

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Our skilled team of subcontracted engineers specialises in the professional installation of meat rail systems and machinery. With meticulous planning and precise execution, we ensure seamless integration and optimal functionality of your equipment. Trust us for reliable and efficient installation services.

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AES excels in professional machine servicing to ensure optimal performance. Our team offers comprehensive maintenance and repairs, with the added benefit of service plans available for newly supplied machines. Trust us to keep your equipment running smoothly and maximise productivity.

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We provide precision blade and knife sharpening services to ensure optimal cutting performance. Our skilled technicians offer expert sharpening, extending the lifespan and efficiency of your blades and knives. Trust us for reliable and precise sharpening solutions to enhance your cutting operations.

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