At AES Food Equipment, we are dedicated to supplying a wide array of personal hygiene solutions, designed to ensure that both your factory and staff adhere to the highest standards of hygiene. Our extensive range encompasses essential items such as hand wash sinks, boot washes, walkthrough hygienic entrances, apron washes, knife sterilisers, boot storage, boot drying units, and comprehensive changing room equipment. This selection is tailored to meet the needs of various budgets, ensuring that businesses of all sizes can maintain impeccable hygiene practices.

Personal Hygiene Equipment Solutions

Our hand wash sinks are engineered for ease of use and maximum hygiene, encouraging regular use among staff to prevent the spread of contaminants. Boot washes and walkthrough hygienic entrances are designed to ensure that no external dirt or pathogens enter the clean zones of your facility, acting as critical control points in maintaining environmental hygiene.

Apron washes and knife sterilisers are pivotal in preventing cross-contamination between different production areas, especially in facilities processing diverse products. These solutions ensure that equipment and protective clothing are free from harmful bacteria and residues, thereby safeguarding product integrity.

Furthermore, our boot storage and drying solutions are essential for maintaining personal hygiene among staff. Proper storage and drying prevent the growth of bacteria and fungi in footwear, a common source of contamination in food processing environments. Changing room equipment, tailored for hygiene, ensures that staff can transition from outside environments to clean zones without risking contamination.

All of our Elpress personal hygiene solutions come with HACCP certification, reflecting our commitment to meeting and exceeding industry standards for hygiene and safety. This certification assures you of the quality and reliability of our products, making them a trusted choice for food processing facilities focused on maintaining the highest levels of hygiene.

At AES Food Equipment, we understand the critical role that personal hygiene plays in the success of food processing operations. Our comprehensive range of personal hygiene solutions is designed to address every aspect of staff and factory hygiene, ensuring that you can create a safe, clean, and efficient working environment. By investing in the right hygiene solutions, you can protect your products, your staff, and your brand’s reputation, reinforcing your commitment to quality and safety.