For the ultimate level of protection in the butchery and abattoir environment, our range of Reiko chainmail offers unparalleled safety. Chainmail gloves, aprons, and arm protection are essential for those in the profession who face the highest risk of cuts and punctures during their work. Our selection, available at competitive prices, provides comprehensive coverage without sacrificing comfort or mobility.

Chainmail Protection from AES Food Equipment

Reiko chainmail products are renowned for their quality and durability. The chainmail gloves offer exceptional protection for the hands, fitting snugly and allowing for precise movements without the risk of cuts from sharp knives. Similarly, the chainmail aprons protect the torso from potential injuries, making them an essential piece of protective wear for butchers and abattoir workers.

The chainmail arm protection further extends safety to the arms, ensuring that every vulnerable area is covered. This level of protection is crucial for those working with very sharp tools and in fast-paced environments where accidents can easily occur.

Our Reiko chainmail range is designed for those who take their safety seriously. With these products, butchers and abattoir workers can perform their duties with confidence, knowing they are protected by the best. Explore our selection today and invest in the highest standard of safety for your team.