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Why use AES Food Equipment?

AES Food Equipment is a trusted provider of food equipment and installation services in the UK, built upon a solid 40 year reputation in the meat industry. We are now a comprehensive food equipment solution provider, our clients depend on us for all their food production needs, with access to specialised equipment at competitive prices.

Our team and suppliers comprises of industry experts in food factory design and operational workflows, ensuring market leading advice and support for larger projects. Don’t hesitate—reach out to us today for exceptional guidance on your next food factory project.

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At AES, we take pride in being an exclusive or preferred distributor for some of the world’s foremost food production and hygiene equipment manufacturers. Searching for a specific brand? Explore our diverse selection of products organised by brand right here.

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Who & What do AES Food Equipment Supply?

AES Food Equipment has been operating in its present form for the past 11 years. Before this, our family has been actively engaged in various ventures within the meat industry for more than 40 years. In recent times, we have expanded our collaborations to include leading suppliers across the broader food industry. Below, we provide an overview of our clientele and the diverse range of products we offer to support these customers.

Who We Work With

AES Food Equipment operates in the UK meat industry and wider food processing industry supplying a range of equipment, consumables and food factory design. Our aim is to make procurement easy for large and small companies with demanding food processing requirements. Our approach is based on 3 pillars of Trust, Quality and Value.

We aim to offer our clients the right solution, first time!

Personal Hygiene

Through our strategic partnerships with leading suppliers like Elpress, we offer exceptional personal hygiene and washroom equipment solutions. Our expertise ensures compliance with sanitation standards, efficient workflow, and user-friendly facilities. Our range of products include: hand wash basins, changing room equipment, boot washes & sole cleaning, apron washes and hygiene entrances.

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Butchery Equipment

AES Food Equipment are one of the leading suppliers of butchers equipment including a range of butcher knives, processing machines, tables, butcher hooks and saws and personal protection equipment including butcher aprons.

Our butchery processing machines include: sausage fillers, meat mincers, burger machines and bowl cutters.

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Industrial Washing Systems

AES Food Equipment have unique partnerships with some of the worlds leading manufactures of Industrial Washing Systems including; Elpress, Jeros & Mimasa.

Our range of products include: industrial tray washers, utensil washers, bin washers and pallet washers.

We work with our clients to ensure we offer the right product for their specific requirements. We also offer a food factory hygiene design service with assistance of our partners.

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Abattoir Equipment

AES Food Equipment was previously Abattoir Equipment Supplies and our history is deeply routed in slaughtering equipment and the meat industry.

Our range of equipment covers the complete abattoir from; stunning, bleeding , dressing, by product processing and meat hanging rail systems.

We supply leading brands including: Jarvis, Couedic Madore, TecnoAlimenta, Kentmaster, Freund and Torras.

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