Cattle Stunning Equipment

AES are leading suppliers of cattle stunning equipment, supplying some of the most respected brands of captive bolt stunners for cattle slaughtering. We can also provide heavy-duty cattle stunning boxes suitable for small to high throughput slaughterhouses.

AES Food Equipment can equip your abattoir with the appropriate stunning tools for your cattle slaughtering operations, including Accles & Shelvoke’s CASH captive bolt guns and Jarvis captive bolt stunning equipment. Browse our extensive range below, which includes Eley captive bolt cartridges for both .22 and .25 stunning equipment for cattle.

Cattle Stunning Excellence

AES Food Equipment specialises in providing leading cattle stunning equipment, designed to ensure humane and efficient processing at every level of operation. Our expertise in the meat industry allows us to cater to a broad spectrum of needs, from smaller slaughterhouses requiring low throughput solutions to large-scale industrial abattoirs in need of robust and high-capacity systems.

We offer a variety of cattle stunning pens, each designed to optimise the slaughtering process while ensuring the welfare of the animals. Our selection from leading suppliers is crafted to accommodate different sizes and types of operations, ensuring that we have the perfect fit for your specific requirements.

Our comprehensive range of captive bolt guns and stunners is meticulously chosen to include the most reliable and efficient options available on the market:

  • CASH .22 stun captive bolt guns are designed for precision and reliability, making them ideal for smaller operations.
  • CASH .25 stun captive bolt guns offer enhanced power and are suited for a broader range of cattle sizes.
  • Jarvis HD stun captive bolt guns are tailored for high-demand environments, ensuring durability and consistent performance under rigorous use.
  • CASH magnums captive bolt guns are the first choice for many industrial operations, providing unmatched power and efficiency for high throughput demands.

At AES, we understand the critical importance of humane slaughtering practices. Our cattle stunning equipment is selected not only for its operational efficiency but also for its ability to provide a swift and humane end for the animals. We are committed to supporting the industry with solutions that uphold the highest standards of animal welfare and operational excellence.