Knives & Tools

At AES Food Equipment, we are proud to offer an extensive selection of F. Dick butcher knives, knife sharpening steels and tools, an array of knife scabbards and knife cages along with knife sterilisers.

Butcher Knives & Tools from AES Food Equipment

At AES Food Equipment, we are proud to offer an extensive selection of F. Dick Butcher Knives, ensuring that we cater to all your meat processing requirements. Our inventory includes a diverse assortment of knives, including those designed for boning, slaughtering, and steak preparation.

You can browse the full collection on our butcher knives category page.

In addition to knives, our product range extends to Knife Sharpening Steels and Tools from reputable brands such as F. Dick and Reiko, guaranteeing that your knives remain razor-sharp.

For safe storage, we provide an array of knife scabbards and cages, perfect for maintaining an organised and secure environment for staff in the butchery and meat industry. You can choose from traditional plastic scabbards, available in various colours, to stainless steel cages, along with all necessary spare parts, all sourced through AES Food Equipment.

We understand the importance of hygiene in the meat processing industry; thus, we supply both hot water and UV knife sterilisers to keep your equipment pristine and hygienic.

Additionally, our selection includes butcher saws, meat bandsaws, and replacement blades, all of which are available for purchase online to facilitate the smooth and safe handling of carcass meat.