AES Food Equipment stands as a premier supplier in the realm of butchery equipment. We catering to the diverse needs of the meat processing industry. With an extensive selection of high-quality butchery tools and machinery. We are dedicated to offering comprehensive solutions for both small-scale butchers and large meat processing facilities.

Our product range is meticulously curated to encompass every aspect of butchery. From the essential butcher knives and sharpening steels that ensure precision cuts, to advanced processing equipment designed for efficiency and consistency, we’ve got it all.

Our inventory includes robust mincers that grind meat to the perfect texture, versatile mixers for thorough blending, and reliable sausage fillers for crafting uniform sausages. Recognising the importance of safety and hygiene in the meat processing industry, we also provide a range of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). This includes durable aprons, protective gloves, knife scabbards, and cages. All designed to ensure a safe and compliant working environment.

Moreover, our commitment to quality extends to our selection of butchery and abattoir saws and tools. These tools are indispensable for precise cutting and sectioning of meat, enabling butchers to work with greater accuracy and efficiency.

At AES Food Equipment, we pride ourselves on sourcing our equipment from the industry’s most reputable suppliers. Brands like F. Dick, AK Ramon, Reiko, Jarvis, Kentmaster, and Freund are synonymous with quality and reliability, reflecting our commitment to offering only the best in butchery equipment.

Understanding the importance of maintenance and longevity, we also specialise in providing spare parts for various butchery equipment. Whether it’s a minor replacement or a major repair, our team is equipped to assist. Additionally, we offer exceptional butchery equipment repair and servicing  options, ensuring that your butchery equipment operates at peak performance at all times.

For those in search of superior butchery equipment, whether for purchase, repair, or maintenance, AES Food Equipment is your go-to destination. Contact us today to explore our range and find out how we can support your butchery operations with our unparalleled products and services.


Butchery Equipment from AES Food Equipment

AES Food Equipment offers premium butchery equipment, enhancing meat preparation and processing tasks.