Butchery Equipment

AES Food Equipment is one of the UK’s leading suppliers of butchery equipment to the meat industry. We have over 45 years experience in the UK meat and butchering industry. Our products are sourced from the leading butcher equipment suppliers and manufactures across the world. We stock many of the items in our warehouse near Bristol, UK. Our suppliers include: AK Ramon, F Dick, Reiko, Jose Bernad and more.

Butchery Equipment from AES Food Equipment

Butcher Knives & Tools

We are distributors for the leading F Dick Butcher Knives and can supply a range of options for your meat cutting needs. From boning knives, slaughter knives, steak knives and more. Visit the butcher knives category page to view our stock.

We also supply Knife Sharpening Steels and Knife Sharpening Tools to ensure your butcher knives are kept in the sharpest condition providing you with a range of options from suppliers such a F Dick and Reiko.

We have range of knife scabbards and knife cages to keep your butcher knives in a safe place for our butchers and meat cutting staff. Traditional plastic knife scabbards or colour coded versions and stainless steel knife cages and all spares parts are available from AES Food Equipment.

Keeping your butcher knives sterilised is essential for your butchery and meat cutting business therefore we can supply you with hot water knife sterilisers and UV knife sterilisers.

Our range of butcher saws, meat bandsaws and spare butcher saw blades are available to buy online. Ensuring you can cut carcass meat safely and easily.

Meat Industry PPE and Food Factory PPE

AES Food Equipment are suppliers of PPE for your food factory and butchery. Our products include:

Butcher Aprons: traditional style striped butcher apron, TPU plastic food aprons and modern camo design, all of our butchery aprons all available to buy online.

Cut Resistant Gloves: our range of cut resistant gloves are the perfect items to protect your butchers when cutting meat using our butcher knife range.

Butcher Chainmail: our range of Reiko chainmail is the ultimate protection for butchers and abattoir workers. Chainmail gloves, chainmail aprons, chainmail arm protection are all available from us at competitive prices.

Butchery Machinery & Processing Equipment

AES are suppliers of the full range butcher processing machinery for your meat processing business. We are distributors for the AK Ramon range of butchery equipment. Our range of machines include:

Sausage Filling Machines – we can supply a range of sizes of hydraulic sausage filling machines from AK Ramon, ranging from 13 litres up to 50 litres, increase your sausage production with these machines which are perfect for butcher shops and cutting plants.

Meat Mincers – a staple of any family dinner, minced meat is a key product to sell in many butcher shops and our meat mincers are supplied by AK Ramon and offer a cost effective and labour reducing way to process minced beef, minced pork and minced lamb.

Burger Machines – summer BBQ is a busy time in butcheries and our butcher burger machines offer a cost-effective solution to increasing your burger production.

Food Mixers – mixing your recipes and meat mixers. View the full range of meat mixers from AK Ramon.

Bowl Cutters – produce lean meat with bowl cutters with advanced cutting technologies from AK Ramon.

Vacuum Packaging & Tray Sealing

AES Food Equipment can supply a range of vacuum packing machines from tabletop vac packing to industrial vac packing machines from AK Ramon.

We also supply tray sealing machines from AK Ramon. Including manual tray sealers and semi-automatic tray sealers reducing labour costs and increasing productivity for your butchery or food business.