Captive Bolt Gun JARVIS Type-P .22 Heavy Duty

Captive Bolt Gun Jarvis – Type-P .22 Calibre Heavy duty – 4 grain Max (Standard Bolt)

  • Humane, trigger operated hand gripped stunner.
  • Diverse applications, from smaller to larger sized livestock.
  • Renders animal insensible to pain before slaughter.
  • Simple to use, operate and maintain.
  • Well built, designed for long service life.
  • Different cartridge strengths available depending on usage.
  • Proprietary grip compound and design provide a comfortable, ergonomic handle.

Part Number: 4144122

AES Food Equipment are a supplier of Jarvis Abattoir Equipment

Want to know more about Captive Bolt Stunning, view the HSA.

Captive Bolt Guns

These are crucial tool in humane animal management, have gained significant attention in various industries, particularly in livestock handling and veterinary care. This device, designed for efficient and compassionate use, ensures minimal distress to animals during euthanasia or stunning procedures. Its efficacy and reliability make it a top choice for professionals seeking ethical solutions in animal welfare.

The captive bolt gun operates by delivering a powerful, focused impact to the animal’s skull, causing immediate unconsciousness. This method, endorsed by animal welfare organisations, underscores the commitment to humane practices in animal management. Available in different models, these guns cater to a range of animal sizes and industry requirements, making them versatile and indispensable.

Investing in a high-quality captive bolt gun is crucial for maintaining ethical standards. These tools, when used correctly, not only comply with animal welfare regulations but also safeguard the well-being of handlers. Their robust construction and ease of use further enhance operational efficiency, making them a valuable asset in any animal care or agricultural setting.

As demand for ethical and humane animal treatment grows, the captive bolt gun stands out as a symbol of commitment to these values. Its role in promoting animal welfare, while ensuring safety and efficiency, makes it a key component in modern livestock management and veterinary practices.

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Features & Benefits

Bolt Diameter

Ø 11.4 mm

Ø 0.45 in

Maximum Bolt Extension (with Max Grains)

83 mm

3.3 in

Control Handle (Manual Operation)

Single Trigger

Overall Dimensions (length | width | height)

259 | 51 | 188 mm

10.2 | 2.0 | 7.4 in


2.9 kg

6.5 lbs

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