Cash Magnum .22″ Auto Captive Bolt Stunner

CASH® Magnum Auto is a cylindrical shaped penetrative captive bolt stunning tool featuring automatic bolt return suitable for most animals and ideal for high throughput processing plants.

Versatile, powerful and instinctively easy to use, the CASH® Magnum Auto features automatic bolt return for speed of use, and is ideal for high throughput meat processing plants.

This penetrative captive bolt stunning tool is suitable for most animals and is known for its dependability, reliability and low maintenance requirements.

It uses a wide range of cartridges of various calibres and can be fitted with a Stop Fire device. The cylindrical shape of the tool is made of the highest standards, using the finest materials, and with the most precise tolerances.

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Features & Benefits

The advantages of the CASH® Magnum Auto are:

  • Automatic bolt return
  • Trigger-fired operation
  • Proven ergonomic design
  • Fast loading action
  • Robust and reliable construction

New and improved barrel:

  • Allows bolt to excelerate
  • Protects the head of the bolt
  • Allows the stunner to be position on animal’s head

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