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AES Food Equipment’s Hubert Haas electric stunning tongs for Pigs and Sheep enhance humane animal processing with unmatched efficiency. These tongs, vital for abattoirs and meat processing plants, guarantee adherence to animal welfare standards through their design for peak performance and unwavering reliability.

Crafted to administer a precise and controlled electric charge, our tongs ensure a rapid and humane stun. This reduces stress significantly for both the animals and the operators. Their ergonomic design promotes effortless handling and operation, streamlining the stunning process to its smoothest form.

Featuring a scissor-style structure with robust steel arms, stainless contacts, and durable plastic heads, our tongs work seamlessly with all leading stunner brands. We provide them with a flexible curly cable, enhancing ease of use for the operator.

AES Food Equipment are the exclusive UK & Ireland agent for Hubert Haas pig slaughtering equipment

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