The Role of Industrial Tray Washers in the Food Industry

Industrial tray washers play a vital role in the food industry by efficiently cleaning trays, racks, and other large items used for food preparation and service. This equipment helps ensure food safety and hygiene standards are met. Let's explore why industrial tray washers are so indispensable in the food business.

Effective Cleaning of Food Contact Surfaces

Industrial tray washers thoroughly clean trays, sheet pans, pots, hotel pans, dish racks, and other large food service items using high water pressure, specialised detergents, and sometimes heat. This heavy-duty washing removes all traces of food residue, grease, and bacteria. An industrial tray washer is specially designed to handle the unique cleaning needs of the food service industry.

Food safety regulations mandate the proper cleaning of any surface that contacts food. A food industry tray washer provides the rigorous cleaning needed to remove biological and chemical contaminants from pans, trays, and other implements before they can be reused. Using an industrial tray washer is a reliable way for restaurants, caterers, bakeries, and other food businesses to comply with sanitation rules.

Efficient High-Volume Washing

The high capacity of an industrial tray washer allows food businesses to quickly clean a large quantity of trays, racks, pans, and other items. These heavy-duty machines can wash hundreds of trays per hour, far faster than hand washing. This efficiency is essential for busy commercial kitchens and catering companies that use hundreds of food service items daily.

A tray washer saves businesses considerable time and labour costs associated with washing trays by hand. Their speed and volume allow uninterrupted service while ensuring a steady supply of clean trays. Industrial tray washers are a wise investment for high-volume food service operations.

Customisable for Specific Needs

While industrial tray washers offer robust washing capabilities, each unit can be customised to meet the needs of different food service establishments. Washers are available in different sizes and designs to fit the available space and capacity requirements.

Units can be customised with options like dual tanks for washing at different temperatures, specialised chemical pumps, and rack conveyors for seamless washing of dish racks. Programming can also adjust cycle times and water pressure. This flexibility allows each business to tailor the appliance to fit their menu, kitchen, and workflow

Rigorous Sanitisation

In addition to washing, some industrial tray washers provide vital sanitisation. After the wash cycle, items may undergo high-temperature final rinsing, chemical sanitation, or both.

Final rinse temperatures up to 82°C kill remaining bacteria for proper sanitisation. Alternatively, a chemical sanitiser like chlorine can be injected during the final rinse. This validation step ensures trays and pans are fully sanitised according to public health standards after washing. The ability to sanitise as well as wash makes an industrial tray washer an indispensable appliance for food safety.

Continuous Operation for Non-Stop Service

Downtime costs food businesses money, so the continuous operation of an industrial tray washer is advantageous. These appliances are designed for constant use in busy commercial kitchens. Conveyor systems allow a seamless workflow, while multiple tanks prevent slowdowns during washing, rinsing, and sanitising cycles.

Industrial tray washers have durable stainless-steel construction and components built to withstand prolonged high-temperature operation. Their industrial-grade engineering allows reliable service for years. Advanced safety features like automatic shutoffs and built-in chemical pumps minimise maintenance needs. Thanks to their continuous operation capability, industrial tray washers allow food service to proceed without interruption.

From restaurants and hotels to hospitals and schools, food service operations benefit tremendously from industrial tray washers. These heavy-duty appliances deliver high-volume washing that ensures food safety for any establishment. With customisable features and robust construction, industrial tray washers are built to handle the unique needs of food service businesses. Their efficiency, sanitisation capabilities, and continuous operation are indispensable for the hectic food industry.