Utensil Washer JEROS Model 9110

The 9110 features the unique JEROS® rotating wash system and is leading utensil washer.

With a strong focus on energy and resource saving, JEROS® has developed the 9110 as part of a new generation of utensil washers in cleaning friendly design. The entire inside of the machine has undergone a radical development.

The interior structure of the vessel consists solely of inclined surfaces and curves, so that the water automatically and rapidly will be led back to the filters and pumps. All stainless steel surfaces are completely smooth and dirt will not attach itself to the surfaces.

Model comes with auto soap dispensers and mixer tap included.

£12,545.45 (exc VAT) £15,054.54 (inc VAT)
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Technical Specs

Wash Tank 51ltrs
Wash Time (min) 3+3+6
Rinse Tank 11ltrs
Wash Pressure 1.2 Bar
Water Consumption per wash 4ltrs
Rinse Pressure 1.1 Bar
Wash Pump capacity 600
Wash Pump 1.4Kw
Wash Temp 58°c
Current Rating 16 Amp
Rinse Temp 85°c
Connection 6.5Kw
Wash Area – W x H x D 690 x 590 x 635
Machine – H1 x H2 x W x D 2100 x 1631 x 840 x 855

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