AES Food Equipment is the leading supplier of meat rail systems in the UK, catering to abattoirs, butchers, and cutting plants. Our product range includes twin track rail systems, tubular/round bar rails, and a comprehensive selection of accessories and tools tailored for these systems.

Our expertise in the design, supply, and installation of meat rail systems positions us uniquely to support your business. We are dedicated to identifying the most efficient solution that complements your operational processes. Sourced from leading manufacturers, our meat rail systems are designed specifically for the meat industry, ensuring robustness and suitability for the transportation of carcass meat throughout your meat processing operations.

With a focus on functionality and efficiency, AES Food Equipment provides products that are indispensable for the seamless movement of meat within the processing environment. Trust us to equip your business with a meat rail system that enhances productivity and matches the specific needs of your operation.

Meat Rails

As the leading supplier in the UK, AES Food Equipment is committed to delivering bespoke solutions for your meat processing requirements. Our selection of meat rails is tailored to meet the diverse needs of the industry, ensuring that we have the perfect fit for your operation.

Our range includes:

Twin Track Meat Rail Systems: We offer an extensive catalogue from leading brands such as Transuni, Norman, Biralux, Marcolux, Bernad, Facomia, AES, GM Steel, and Abachem. With options from 19mm to 25mm gaps, we are equipped to provide all necessary spare parts and boast a comprehensive assortment of accessories readily available in our stock. In instances where an exact match for your current system is not available, we are proficient in retrofitting a suitable alternative.

Tubular Round Bar Meat Rail Systems: Our selection encompasses 48mm and 60mm round bar rail solutions, designed to seamlessly integrate with your existing setup. For upgrades or replacements of worn rollover switches, our team is on hand to discuss the range of options at your disposal. Additionally, we offer telescopic loading arms, turntables, and bespoke solutions to meet your unique needs.

Design, Supply, and Installation Services: At AES Food Equipment, we pride ourselves on offering a comprehensive service that includes design, supply, and installation of meat rail systems. Our skilled team conducts thorough site surveys, develops precise CAD drawings, and provides guidance on operational strategies to optimise your space and enhance productivity. Our collaboration with subcontractor engineering teams ensures the provision of robust supporting steel and meticulous installation of meat rail systems.

For a solution that aligns with your meat processing business’s requirements, trust AES Food Equipment to deliver with precision and excellence.

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